Use Google Scripts to automate Google Adwords tasks and Google Analytics Reports

You need Scripts if you spend more time monitoring than optimising

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What helps me use Adwords Scripts?

You can control adwords accounts programmatically using JavaScript code.

Specifically, a script allows you to:

  • Create and update scheduled campaigns
  • Implement the bid strategies you want
  • Immediate notification of incidents, problems or spikes
  • Integration of multiple data sources for viewing
  • Alerts based on your personal performance criteria

What if I need specific help?

We ask the scripts you want to explain what you want them to do. We develop and help you install, configure, adapt and revise.

For example:

  • Automatically add negative keywords on Google Shopping campaigns those search terms that generate impressions, are not converted and are not of the "exact" or unwanted "phrases".
  • Receive email with your disapproved ads in campaigns and ad groups active.
  • Alert accounts without impressions in the last hours.
  • Dump search terms on Google Docs entire account MCC.
  • automated verification of HTTP 200 response destination urls active listings (there are limits for Google, for example 20,000 urls / day)
  • Autoexclude display locations with suspiciously high CTR.
  • Board with self-hold percentage significantly worse than another in the same ad group and warn if there is only an ad in the group conversion.
  • Update the texts with numbers that vary over time or with data from your systems.
  • Send an email with attaching PDF of weekly statistics report campaigns and keywords.
  • Automatically move keywords between campaigns based investment rules you specify.
  • Add as keywords those search terms that lead to conversions
  • Landings ensure that your ads do not go to stock products
  • Register the CPA of all your accounts and campaigns and notify by email if they change significantly
  • Keep account-level track of anomalous changes in QS level or CPA account or campaign
  • Negatives cross, make the positive group of other groups negative.
  • Other ideas!

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Why join us in your project?

  • Methodology that works
  • Results-oriented
  • Technical competence

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We push your project, exploring ideas and validating experiments. We can do this without giving your team more work.

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